How to make your wedding special

Make Your Wedding Super Special

The Game Plan

A popular opinion is that the best kinds of weddings are those that reflect the couples' personality. The couple and their families will be paying good money to celebrate the love and of course they aim to make everything perfect. How perfect would it be if the ceremony could hold even more meaning or be symbolic of the couple getting married?

In efforts to help make your special day even more special, questions were developed to help guide you through the planning process. These questions were designed to ensure you select options that hold meaning between you and your future spouse.

Sit down with your partner and answer the following questions. Then, use both your answers to help make your decisions throughout your wedding planning process.

The Venue, when choosing a venue you want to pick a space to celebrate that reflects on who you are as individuals as well as a couple. Here are some questions to help come up with a common theme to guide your venue search.

1. Where did you meet?

2. Where did you go as kids (summer camp, family trips, summer abroad)?

3. What did you do on your first date?

4. Where was your first vacation together?

5. What time of year do you love the most?

The Ceremony

6. What colors do you gravitate toward?

7. Are you obsessed with a certain flower?

8. What family heirloom would you cherish carrying on your day?

9. What song lyric or poem moves you the most?

10. Do you have a pet?

Now, you have a couple details established from colors, flowers, and an aisle ready song. If your close to a grandparent think about incorporating a heirloom from them. Keep in mind something old, borrowed, or blue! Considering your dog as a ring bearer or flower girl? Always check your venue’s pet policy when considering using a pet in the ceremony.

The Reception

11. What bar do you frequent?

12. What's your favorite sport or team?

13. What's your go-to food?

14. What's your favorite restaurant?

15. Do you share a guilty pleasure?

Plan out his and hers beverages from your favorite bar. Incorporate your favorite foods and things you both love. Whether you are a wine lover or fan of Fosters, tailor your wedding choices to your taste. Remember this day is about you and your significant other, not about what your guests will like more.

The Details

16. What are your hobbies, or do you collect anything?

17. How would you describe your dream date night?

18. What are your nicknames?

19. Do you have a desert-island book or favorite quote?

20. What's your number one film?

Use these final responses to help spruce up your decorations, games, favors, or other details of your wedding. Collect shells? Think about using shells to decorate your tables, or as centerpieces. You have a shared love for a certain movie? Incorporate the movie into you theme, or favors.

Written By Rachel Henry, The Lit Event Specialist
Edit by Rob DeVerna, The Lit Manager

Written for the The Lit GR Weddings and Events in Downtown Grand Rapids, Mi.