Save-the-Dates, Invitations, RSVPs, and Thank Yous. The quick tips on when, what, and how.

You have finally picked date for your BIG day and you are ready to start sending out invitations. Although every bride has a different timeline or ideas for their invitations, there are many brides out there not sure where to begin. This guide will give you a good idea on when to start sending out all the different kinds of mailings that are traditionally part of the wedding planning process. Of course these mailings can be physical paper mailings, electronic, or even sent by carrier pigeon. We will leave that to you to figure out.

Save the Dates

Save-the-dates serve as a great way to give your guests a friendly heads up. They are not necessary, but can be very helpful for your guests especially for destination weddings that require more planning for your guests. They also look great hanging on all your friends and families fridges.

Local Wedding: 6-8 months before

Destination wedding: 8-12 months before


There is such a thing as sending your invitations out too early! You want to make sure that you send the invitations in the right time period to make sure guest anticipation is maximized for your big day. This way they can plan accordingly just in case they didn’t get the save the date or they just plain forgot about it and need to scramble to get time off work or book travel plans.

Local Wedding: 4-8 weeks before

Destination wedding: 3-4 months before

R.S.V.P Deadlines

Your R.S.V.P deadline will depend on how much lead time is needed for your vendors. Sometimes the venue needs final numbers before the DJ but usually the Florist, Caterer, Bar Service, and rental companies need those numbers as early as possible. Be sure to check with all your vendors to determine when they need the final numbers and set the R.S.V.P deadline for a week before that to give those slackers time to get them in even a little late and still give you enough time to get the numbers to the vendors.

Local Wedding: 2-3 weeks before wedding

Destination wedding: 3-5 weeks before wedding

Thank You's (yes it may seem old school, but who doesn’t like getting a little something in the mail)

Believe it or not you will be receiving gifts even before you walk down the aisle! Be sure to keep a record of who sent you gifts and what those gifts were. In order to save yourself some of the workload after your wedding you should write Thank You's and mail them as soon as possible. Enjoy your honeymoon, but as soon as you get back try your best to get all your Thank You cards mailed out no later than 4 weeks after your wedding.

Local Wedding: Immediately

Destination wedding: Immediately

Written By: Rachel Henry, The Lit Event Specialist
Edit By: Robert DeVerna, The Lit Manager